Precise Treatment for Varicose Veins

Unsightly and troublesome varicose veins? Dr. Roberts carefully diagnoses the diseased vein condition to determine the underlying cause before he recommends an appropriate treatment option. “I see both primary and secondary varicose veins occurring in my patients,” explains Dr. Roberts, “and each requires a different approach. Primary varicosities are caused by defective valves that produce reflux in the saphenous vein, a principal vein running up the leg. Secondary varicose veins are caused by various conditions unrelated to the saphenous vein.” For the treatment of saphenous vein reflux, Dr. Roberts uses an advanced procedure called VenaCure Laser Vein Treatment to close the vein. This eliminates the need for the hospitalization and extended recovery time associated with traditional surgical vein stripping. In addition, a newly approved sclerosing agent now can be injected to successfully close secondary varicose veins. In both procedures, blood flow is shifted to nearby healthy blood vessels and the bulging, painful varicose veins are erased.

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