Holiday shopping and your leg health

It is that time of year again. You are having to fight the traffic and the crowds at stores.

Chances are that this time of the year you will be putting in more walking miles than you do the rest of the year. For people with venous or arterial disease in their legs, it can be quite challenging.

Typically, problems with the arteries in your legs will present symptoms like cramping and not being able to walk very far without having to take a break.

On the other end of the spectrum, problems with the veins in your legs will get worse during the day after you have been trying to run all your errands. Usually your legs feel good in the morning, but the more you are on them the heavier they feel. Other symptoms could be pain or swelling after a long day of being up and around town.

Compression hose can help reduce some of the symptoms from varicose veins, but they are not a long term solution. Nor will they fix the under lying issue.

If you find yourself tiring out easily while running all the holiday errands or after being up and around all day your legs are swelling and painful, schedule an appointment to get a full evaluation. (Office visits and treatments can be covered by your insurance!)

Right now is the best time of year to get your legs treated.

Compression hose can be extremely hot during the warm months and if you have visible veins showing you will have time for them to disappear before summer.  The best part is that Memphis Vascular can get your legs treated and have you back to getting ready for the holidays in no time.

Varicose vein treatments require no down time.

It is actually better to be up and moving after treatment. It will help the healing process go quicker.

So when you feel like your legs are slowing you down, call Memphis Vascular Center to address all your concerns. Whether it is your arteries or your veins, we will get you back to getting those errands done quickly!

Call today to schedule an appointment 901-683-1890 or schedule one online HERE

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