Varicose Vein treatment-When is the best time to schedule treatment?

We can address varicose vein treatment in many different ways.  With new technology, the old varicose vein treatment of vein stripping is outdated and hardly performed anymore.  New vein treatments such as heat-induced vein ablation, non-thermal ablation, and sclerotherapy are the best varicose vein treatments now.

We will mainly discuss varicose vein treatments today, but for more information about varicose vein symptoms please click here.

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Laser vein ablation and radiofrequency ablation are treatment methods that use heat to close the bad veins.

Both of these methods have been around for awhile are very effective if performed correctly.  Starting in 2018, we will have a new treatment option available to us.  This new option will decrease the patient’s downtime and reduce the need for compression after treatment dramatically.

The new varicose vein treatment option involves using a glue to close the bad or faulty vein.

Sclerotherapy is the third option for treatment.  Sclerotherapy is effective when using FDA approved drugs to close the vein down when injected.

All of these are good varicose vein treatment options, but when is the best time to schedule them?

Data shows that within the first three months is when you will see the most improvement.  Your symptoms will be dramatically reduced and the varicose veins should look much better during this time.  Many treatment options require compression therapy afterwards.  Meaning that you will have to wear compression hose for a time period.  These compression hose can be hot during the summer months to wear.  Living in Memphis, we all know the last thing we want to do is be hotter than we already are during the summer months.

Based on the 3 month data of improvement and compression therapy after varicose vein treatment, we suggest to our patients that the fall and winter months are the best time to schedule your varicose vein treatment.  This will allow you to enjoy the spring and summer months wearing shorts and not worrying about how your legs look.  By then, your legs should feel and look much better after your varicose vein treatment.

However, in more extreme cases we recommend varicose vein treatment options as soon as possible such as: skin discoloration, skin hardening, extremely large varicose veins, spontaneous bleeding, or ulcers.

These more advanced cases of venous disease require immediate attention rather than waiting.

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