Varicose Vein Center and Vascular Doctors in Memphis

Memphis Vascular specializes in treating  patients with:  arterial disease, varicose veins, spider veins, reticular veins, and uterine fibroids. Be seen by someone you can trust!  MVC offers treatments for varicose veins. We can help you get rid of symptoms related to varicose veins and the visible appearance of varicose veins. Little to no downtime for you!  We are the FIRST accredited Varicose Vein Treatment Center in Memphis.



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We Offer Treatments For:

Varicose Vein Center and Vascular Doctors in Memphis

  We offer different types of arterial, spider vein, and varicose vein treatments in our Memphis office.  Our doctors will sit down with you and explain the tests and treatment options as well as show you the images from the tests that were performed. This way you will have a good understanding of why we are doing the chosen treatment and you will have gone over it with the doctor that will be performing it. We strive to make sure you are seen on time and ensure that we keep your office visits to a minimum.

For any questions about the treatments we perform or any of our doctors, call us at 901-683-1890. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our arterial, uterine fibroid treatments, or varicose vein treatments.

Patient Portal
I was referred by my physician and worked with Janet (my nurse). She was prompt, efficient and very professional. Will definitely recommend!
- Janice W.
Received the care I needed and the staff instilled the trust I was hoping for!
- Patricia G.
Office is well organized, good work flow, and I was seen on time. Exam rooms pleasant, clean, and functional. Played Christian music throughout the office!
- Jason G.
Being a first time patient, I was pretty apprehensive. This staff was very friendly, took their time, and answered all my questions. I was very well taken care of.
- Elizabeth H.
I was very pleased the the care I received while in the office. Everyone seemed very inserted in meeting my health care needs. Thanks to all!
- Edna T.
I have never felt treated nicer than at your clinic!
- Faye T.
Very positive experience, seen on time, and would recommend to friends and relatives.
- Marsha P.
Was treated previously by another physician. Came to clinic with hopes of resolving issues. All my expectations were exceeded! Left feeling well informed and taken care of. My legs are doing great now!
- Susan T.

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