What does it cost for vein treatments?

So maybe you have seen commercials or ads by now, and you have thought that having these veins on my legs are really not a big deal.  Or you may have thought it is going to be to expensive to get rid of these veins.  Well in many cases, your treatments may be covered under your insurance plan.

Many times, large varicose veins could be causing symptoms you thought were just normal with age.  Leg heaviness, leg swelling, or tired legs are common symptoms associated with venous disease. Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you have to rest and put your feet up for your legs to feel better!  Having varicose veins is a medical condition and if untreated, can cause more serious complications.

At Memphis Vascular, we rely on ultrasound imaging to let us know if your veins are not functioning properly.  If the ultrasound shows that the veins are not working correctly, we can them submit them to your insurance company for review.  After they review the assessment and imaging, they will let us know if they will cover the suggested treatment options.  At that point, we will call you and schedule the procedure for you.  Now, many times, you will be subject to your deductible and copays if you have them.  That is something to be aware of and may involve contacting your insurance company for more information.

Post procedure, you will be required to wear compression hose.  We have some in the office for convenience or you can purchase them online.  We suggest 20-30mm Hg compression.  You can find these ranging anywhere from $25-$65.  These will be required and will help quite a bit with the recovery process.

Now, spider veins are a different story.  There is some confusion out there when it comes to spider veins.  Most often they are really small and are affecting what you chose to wear.  In some cases, they may cause symptoms.  However, if an ultrasound can not document that the veins are not working properly, it is considered not medically necessary according to many insurance plans.

Spider veins are typically treated by injecting a chemical agent to close down the vein.  This is called sclerotherapy.  Sclerotherapy can range quite a bit from office to office.  Some other clinics may offer a surface laser to remove the appearance of spider veins.  At Memphis Vascular, we strive to get rid of as many spider veins as possible in the fewest amount of visits.  Our sessions start at $275 and decrease if you need to come back for multiple sessions.  Keep in mind, you will again need compression hose after treatments.  Also, if you need to come back for any reason, your office visits are already covered with the initial fee!

In a nut shell, Memphis Vascular can help you get your legs back to feeling great at the end of the day.  No more putting your feet up or avoiding activity because you have been on your feet all day and your legs hurt.   We make treatments an affordable option and in some cases financing is available.

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