Treating Pulmonary Embolism at the source

Images of treating a pulmonary embolism at the source.

Memphis Vascular Center is leading the way in aggressively treating Pulmonary Embolism or PE in the Memphis area.

Currently, we have treated over 15 patients using the Flowtriever device. Dr. Jon Roberts, Dr. Dale Hansen III, Dr. Scott Osborne and Dr. Wes Angel have all used the Inari Flowtriever device to save patients’ lives.

Pulmonary Embolism is the development of blood clots in the arteries that lead to the lungs. These clots block oxygen from getting into the blood from the lungs and put a significant strain on the patient’s heart. Now, with the help of this device, patients are recovering quicker and getting discharged home faster from what could have been a fatal diagnosis.

According to Dr. Wes Angel, “I walked in on patients and the oxygen was going at full-blast. The patient was still struggling to keep their oxygen levels up.”

This device allows our doctors to remove the clot directly rather than opting for dissolving medications or open surgery.
“There are other devices on the market, but none that are as effective as this with direct removal of clots and quick results,” Dr. Roberts said.

The Flowtriever device has allowed our physicians to safely remove over 10 large blood clots in one patient.

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